Gain Confidence
In The Exam Hall
Learn frameworks that help you tackle an overwhelming amount of content.
We don’t advocate cramming content. We teach using contextual frameworks: the secret structures that can help any ordinary student comprehend complex information.
We also use these 2 ways to build confidence:
Monthly Theme Modules

Every month, we introduce a new current affairs theme. New content and skills are integrated within the module.
Quarterly Review of Learning Goals

Every quarter, teachers help students track their progress towards their broader life goals. Students also give feedback about their class experience.

Get Clarity In The
Changing World
Get insights into where things are heading in Singapore and the world.
Your relevance to that future world is everything to us. By the time you graduate from school, your world will be dramatically different from that of your parents and teachers. That’s why throughout our curriculum, we focus on giving you deeper insights into local and global affairs so you sharpen your intuition about where things are going.
Find Conviction About
Life Choices
Make sense of who you are and what you can offer the world.
Any working adult will vouch that the results you create outside of school matter way more than the results you create within it. We want to help you make better choices for yourself whether it is about what tertiary courses to take, professional careers to pursue or personal life-paths to pave.
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