Our Story
We are more than just a tuition centre.
And we believe our youths are more than just one result.
We started School of Thought in 2002. We were rookie teachers who saw the great potential of General Paper as a subject for broadening perspectives of youths. But at the same time, we saw a disturbing problem: many young Singaporeans were graduating with a surprisingly self-centred and apathetic outlook on work and life.

Back then, General Paper was not widely offered even within the tuition industry as many people perceived it as an “unteachable” subject not worth investing in.

School of Thought was our attempt to solve two problems through one solution. What if we started an experimental tuition centre which researched new approaches to teaching - not just for the sake of helping youths find short-term exam success but for the longer-term goal of helping them understand, empathise and take care of the world?

Over more than a decade, we have taught thousands of teenagers, helping them to see the big picture by exposing them to real-life issues and helping them empathise with choices made by stakeholders in Singapore and the world.

Other tuition centres take pride in the number of As they generate per year. We find joy in that too but our greater satisfaction is in the long game.

The first 18 year olds we taught are in their late 20s to early 30s by now. We have seen many of our alumni go beyond scoring well in their exams. Many have gone on to choose their university courses more mindfully and do purposeful work in government, corporations and non-profits that they believe in.

Today, School of Thought works as part of The Thought Collective, an ecosystem of social businesses that we also started. We are involved in broader work outside the school and work with government, businesses and welfare organisations. The insights we gain there help us keep our classroom lessons relevant. The school shares the group’s mission to do whatever we can to help the next generation of Singaporeans become braver, kinder and stronger.
We have always set out to be more than just a tuition centre.

And we will always hold out the hope that someday, all our youths will be seen as so much more than one result.
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